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Welcome to the official Anti Eye Craft Gaming™ First Annual Game Jam!

We've had game jams before but this is our new annual one! We hope that you will enter and we can't wait to see what you'll all come up with!

Below is everything you need to know about our new game jam!




The winner on this game jam will recieve a free download key for our RPG Cursed World Anceridd

(Prize will not be delivered until game development is finished on our RPG)


Anyone with an account can enter and anyone at all can vote on which games are cooler. There are no restrictions other than that the game must be appropriate and that it doesn't contain curse words or rasicm/facism/sexism etc.

This game jam is about showing off how talented you are at making a game. Just make a game that's complete and well thought out so that people can enjoy it!

Games will be judged on various different subjects such as music, gameplay, fun, and more!

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Space Adventure , Old school 2D and turn-based
Our first game! Blast those Eyebats™!
space advenure, rogulike, 2d, retro
how far a father can go to save his daughter can he go through a nightmare ? lets find out
2d turnbased shootout