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ANT x JAM 202- Season 2, Bangkok is a full action 3D game where the player must hit to the enemy to survive. 

Games based on live-action of some people in your classmate or classroom have a reputation for not being that great. They're also hardly made anymore. Thus, the aim of this jam is to show that movies can still be a great source of inspiration for interesting and innovative video games!

Action and horror movies will be the easiest (conceptually) to turn into games, but I challenge you to also consider exploring your favorites' films for scenes that could be highly unique and interesting in game form!

  • Anyone, regardless of experience, is welcome to participate!
  • Games must be inspired by a the most value people in classroom. 
  • Should not infringe upon any copyright or trademark (so please avoid using identical names, dialogue, appearances, or music.
  • Games that are in very poor taste will be removed.
  • You must have a good time doing the jam , sure 2 days!



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