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The rules are extremely simple! Make a game that integrates ANSI artwork as the main graphics of a video game. This does not mean you have to use an engine built around the classic limitations of ANSI / text mode. Feel free to create a 3D game with ANSI used to texture your characters. Create a traditional platformer or puzzle game using ANSI to create your characters rather than pixel art sprites. Or go for hard mode and create an actual text mode limited game like old MUDs of yore!

Feel free to emulate the look of ANSI using pixel art, or better yet use a program like Pablo Draw (WIN / OS X / Linux) to create genuine ANSI art. You are even welcome to reach beyond ANSI into other text modes ranging from ASCII, PETSCII and beyond! Hell, even create your own alien text mode if you wish! Twine games are also welcome, but find a way to integrate ANSI style graphics in a way that is beyond simple text!

As with all my jams (previous #punkjam, #lowrezjam), this is not meant to be about hard limits, but rather give you a starting off point with which to let your imagination go wild! :D

... and if you need some inspiration for ANSI art I highly recommend checking out what the talented people involved with Blocktronics are capable of.

Jam starts April 1st (no joke!)
Jam ends April 20th (midnight that night)
Voting begins immediately thereafter and ends April 27th (midnight that night)

Remember to use the #ansijam hashtag to share your work in progress and hit me up if you have any questions! >

The voting categories will be :

Inventiveness and Originality
Aesthetics and Sound
Enjoyment Factor
Emotional Impact
E for Effort

Good luck!

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Retro STG
A cyberpunk racing game written in TWINE
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