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For some time I had curiosity about those wallpapers which I reforged into making this blog post:

As I concluded in it, making such wallpaper sounds like a fun, short-term distraction from either work or other long-term projects.

I created template files for Unity/LibGDX/Android Studio that enable development with zero required knowledge about 
creating Android live wallpapers:

And yes, I understand that it is not very typical thing to jam about ;)


For a submission to be qualified for this jam, it must be open-sourced (under any suitable license) and posted on Github.
Submitting only an .APK file is not allowed for security reasons and general purpose of the jam which is to share knowledge (and entertain ofcourse).


Jam theme is to commemorate your childhood game as a wallpaper, i.e:

It may not be possible to share the assets due to licensing, so in such cases I recommend to upload only code, with a note for end-user that it has to use the assets from the copy of the game that he legally owns.

As I am aware, there's a limited set of games that can be recreated in some way as a wallpaper - because of that,
the only voting criteria is "visually entertaining".
Fantastic if you keep to the theme, though it is not obligatory and I imagine everyone will be pleased even with simple parallax effect wallpaper.


Android is a trademark of Google and is used purely for descriptive purposes. This jam is not affiliated with Google.

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Spelunky themed Android live wallpaper made with LibGDX.