Submissions open from 2023-04-30 22:00:00 to 2023-10-30 23:00:00
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Amiga software developers around the world rejoice! This is the opportunity you've all been waiting for.

You are invited to participate in this software development challenge, which run for 6 months, where the goal is to create new and interesting tools for the Commodore Amiga.

Regardless of your skill level this jam is a perfect opportunity to create your very first piece of software for Amiga, a side project to your other development activities, or a chance to create that tool you always wished existed for Amiga! Maybe you're a seasoned software developer with tons of ideas and have just been waiting for the right moment.

It doesn't matter if you're new to software development on Amiga or never participated in a dev jam before, here is your chance to get into it and be part of an amazing community.

By hosting this jam I hope to engage the Amiga developer community to come together and create new and useful tools that will extend the usability and possibilities of the already amazing Amiga.

I hope all that join will have fun, challenge themselves and perhaps learn a little bit in the process.

Only Amiga makes it possible!

- zooperdan
Submitted entries will be judged in the following categories:
  • Utility
    Small piece of software often without GUI and run from CLI.
  • Tool
    Larger and more advanced piece of software with GUI.
  • Commodity
    Small executable which enhances system usability. Commodities are usually loaded at system startup. Many require no interaction and do not feature any GUI interface.
  • Most Useless Tool
    A tool that fixes a problem nobody has, or performs a completely pointless task for no good reason (and often extremely overengineered). Example: A tool that tells you if your Amiga is powered on or off :) Have fun, be creative!
  • Other
    ARexx scipts, Icon packs, Workbench wallpapers etc. Basically anything that doesn't fit the other categories.
  • Submitted entries must run on classic Amiga models (no NextGen) and up to AmigaOS 3.x (expanded Amigas are allowed).
  • You may only submit something that was made during the time of this jam.
  • You must clearly state which category your entry belongs to. You probably don't want your entry to be judged in the wrong category :)
  • You may submit more than one entry. This is done by uploading more files to the page that you will submit. Remember to clearly state which categories the entries should be judged in.
  • You may use any programming language and compiler to make your entry.
  • You must include information regarding system requirements.
  • Documentation on how to install and/or use must be included.
  • You may NOT submit something that is only a newer or modified version of an already existing utility, tool or commodity.
  • You may NOT submit anything that is malicious or harmful in any way, shape or form.


Each category will have it's own set of prizes.

(Prizes will be announced later)

If you wish to support this jam by being a sponsor or donating prizes please let me now.
Join the Discord server for a bit of banter, on topic discussions, feedback, coding assistance, brainstorming and recommendations for compilers, tools, emulators etc. to use when developing software for the Amiga, or just to hang out and maybe share your development progress.

If you want to team up with someone let it be known on the Discord server. There might already be someone there to team up with.

Use #amigatooljam to share progress or tweet about this jam :)

If you are a streamer and plan on checking out entries from this jam on your stream then please let me know.
zooperdan Get in touch with me (zooperdan#0693 on Discord) or hop on the Amiga Tool Jam Discord server.

If you don't use Discord you may drop me a message at @zooperdan on Twitter.