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Welcome to AmalgamAsh's...

RPG Maker MV3D Game Jam!

Let's make Games, Demos, Experiences, or just Proof-of-concepts!

Hello everybody, I am AmalgamAsh.
I welcome you to the first MV3D specific game jam!
My goal is to inspire creators and bring more people to the 3D community while spreading awareness and education about this game-changing plugin, MV3D (created by Nyanak / Dread / Cutievirus)!  

To enter, there are some simple rules outlined below and also in this video! 

But chiefly, remember: Your game MUST be in 3D!

The MV3D plugin for RPG Maker MV is a plugin that allows your game's map scene data to be rendered in 3D.  With this, you can create a game that is no longer visibly distinguishable as an "RPG Maker game" as well as take advantage of dramatic camera control.

If you've never even heard of MV3D, I encourage you to check out my presentation on it here!

For more information on MV3D, please go to which is probably the best place to start, as it links to the places you can obtain the plugin, a perfect demo game file that is loaded with great examples of how to use the plugin, and links to the Discord server and Wiki for even more support.

Also, Rikyu has an excellent series of tutorials that can get you up and running here!

SUBMISSION RULES (please read!)
All submissions must be created using RPG Maker MV using the MV3D plugin.
This means you can use MogHunter, smrndmdde, yanfly or any other developer's plugins as well!

You can start work on your game NOW -- or, you may submit a game that you have previously published elsewhere! It does not have to be a new project specifically for this jam.  however, the submission of new projects is encouraged!

Your game can contain any assets - defaults, free, paid, other EnterBrain or Degica products -- anything as long as you have the rights / appropriate license to use those assets!

You may NOT submit a game that uses copyrighted assets that do not belong to you (i.e Final Fantasy BGM or sprites, etc).

Remakes / demakes of any other project you've previously published are allowed!

Any theme, and ANY genre or sub-genre is allowed!  You can submit JRPGs, survival horror, first-person exploration, puzzle, visual novels, anything as long as you created it in RPG Maker MV!

Finally, to submit, you must agree that your submission will be open to the public, free to play, and you must allow me to play it in one of my Let's Play videos on my YouTube channel! (link: AmalgamAsh's YouTube channel)


You will retain ALL rights to any content you submit!  I assume NO rights implied or express, and your property remains yours!  I did not feel this needed to be said, but I have seen some sketchy jams and wanted to be very clear on this point!


The submissions will be played and judged on my YouTube channel, where I'll give feedback on a number of different criteria as outlined below during playthrough.  Submissions will begin being played after the jam submission deadline closes, in the order that they are submitted chronologically.

The games will be judged on:

-Presentation of 3D features.  (3D is featured prominently, and it is obvious that the 3D plugin is utilized.)
-Practicality of 3D usage. (3D scenes aren't heavily bogged down, and the environment is easy to see.)
-Creativity of 3D usage. (3D scenes are presented in an aesthetically pleasing manner.)
-Engagement of Game. (Whether it is a JRPG, SRPG, VN, or other genre, the content is fun and engaging.)
-Atmosphere. (The game's theme, story, music and setting make sense to its intention.)

-Usage of Non-Default Assets. (Bonus points will be awarded if the developer chooses to use non-default / RTP assets.)

Games will NOT be judged on length of content, and may not be played through in a single video -- if I deem that the game will take more than on e video to play through, I'll use the first video's playthrough to ascertain judgement, and finish the actual content playthrough non-judged in a future video.

First Prize is a license to the premium edition of MV3D, which includes the perpetual commercial license (a $20 value), or a cash equivalent payout if desired!

Future prizes and updates may be added, so check back every week or so for changes!

I'm submitting too, and results will be public during and after submissions -- see you there, er here!  And GOOD LUCK!
While I hope to be able to submit a project of my own, I am hereby disqualified from winning. :)

Feel free to use the community forums to communicate questions or topics, and ask me anything you need to know; if I can't answer, I'll point you in the right direction.


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Yume Nikki/Earthbound inspired | DEMO V1.1 - Only four effects and two memories available
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