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Alternative controllers games aka ALT+CTRL or alt.ctrl games are video games played with  non-traditional controllers.  Traditional controllers are keyboards, mice, gamepads, touchscreens as well as Wiimotes, PS moves, Kinects, Leap Motions… In short: every controllers built by video games manufacturers, those you can buy.  Alternative controllers are the other ones, every other ones, any other ones.

Usually, ALT+CTRL games are played at events like festivals and art exhibits. But we can make ALT+CTRL games to play at home by diverting standard controllers like Good Soup MFB.U.T.T.O.N., Johan Sebastian Joust, Bounden, Fingle, Tie SImulator, Space team... Here is a playlist of some ALT+CTRL games playable at home available on for free: And here are more examples of games using standard devices in an odd original way ↓

Divert standard devices to make a game using an ordinary controller in a weird new way!


This jam is now over! A recap of the entries is available ↓↓↓


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A very serious coop game about scratching somebody's back while holding your keyboard in an awkward position.
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Your controller is now a phone.
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A short read&ride alt.ctrl psychedelic vegan terror experience.
filthy crawler
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Play the worst game of the minute. This game is where you become Flappy bird with a grappling Hook
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Game Loading: apx. 6 MB play it on fast WebGL 2
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​Attack of the Bric-a-Brac is a unique Make&Play video game. Make your own controller and play unique arcade games.
you better Bet on It