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What is the alpha jam?

The alpha jam is an online jam about creating all sorts of new games and concepts. We allow the freedom for you to create something new and innovative, and get feedback on your ideas. There are even prizes for the top entries!

Alpha Jam Theme

The theme is: Swords OR Shields! Feel free to use one, but not the other.

Alpha Jam Rules

  • You can use any framework or engine.
  • Games must be available on PC (downloadable via a .zip file or playable in browser)
  • All work must be original, except for public domain and Creative Commons materials. If you do use these materials, be sure to give proper credit.
  • All original assets (code, art, sound, etc.) must be produced during the jam.
  • Teams of up to 3 people are allowed. A person may be on a maximum of two teams.
  • If you do not wish to submit your project through, you may privately send it to us through discord (check the forums). Be aware that you will be still scored publically.
  • Please keep all content tasteful. Please do not include NSFW content in your entries.

Alpha Jam Prizes

  1. First place will receive $75 USD. We will additionally help fund development for your project and turn it into a commercial release! (You retain all rights to your work).
  2. Second place will receive $25.
  3. Third place will receive $10.

Judging Criteria

For more information, check out our stickied post. Have fun!

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A quick alpha prototype for #alphajam2017
It's time to reflect some fireballs with your shield. 😎
Just a viking riding a shield while picking up some ale.
A kingdom sim themed around Shields. Has a few surprises for those who make to day five.
A short first-person hack-'n-slash made for the 2017 Alpha Jam
Kill SLIMES with your SWORD
Play in browser
Tower Defense, player picks from offense or defense
sword time
Alpha Jam 2017 Submission - Coop prototype
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