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Alone Together Jam - May 2020
Making games, alone together.  ❤️

There's still a lot going on right now, so if you think it'll help to have a creative outlet, let's make some games!

Whether you're a professional game developer, a student, a hobbyist, or just looking to try something new and different, everybody is welcome!

Work (remotely!) with anyone you want, make anything you want (big,  or small), and try to incorporate the three key words into your game. Feel free to get creative with how you interpret these words; it's part of the fun!

The key words for May 2020 are:

Good luck everyone!  Have fun, be safe, and take care (of each other)!

Twitter: @_ATJam
Facebook: Alone Together Jam

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Connecting distant folks
MIDI like never before... for good reason.
A short musical experience about being alone together