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Album Cover Jam! - The name says it all. In this competition artists get to create a piece of cover art to match a given theme. Appropriately that theme is presented in the form of a song (not a whole album, it's just one song. Album cover just sounded nicer for the jam name). The song was made just for this jam by Azakaela and it will be posted here once the jam starts. 

Azakaela Redfire ยท Mega Moonlight Mania

A couple rules - There's a couple criteria that your artwork will need to follow in order to qualify for the jam.

First of all please make sure not to make anything NSFW or offensive in any way. Otherwise your entry will be removed.

You might also want to make sure that your artwork has square dimensions. The scale doesn't matter but it should preferably be a square. Otherwise you'll have to add padding to the sides for it to fit the cover. 

To submit add the image as cover of your project as well as attaching the high quality version in the project itself.

Rating - After the jam is over everyone (even those who didn't submit) will have a week to rate entries. They will be rated by the following criteria:

Execution of the theme - How well you feel the cover represents the song given. Of course there is many ways to interpret a piece and reimagine it visually, but if you feel like the cover fits the song well that's a good thing. 

Visual Quality - Does the artwork impress you visually? Do the colors and composition work? Essentially if something is well made regardless of how it incorporates the theme, then it deserves a good score here.

Creativity - Did the artwork present a unique twist on the theme? Did it strike you as particularly interesting or captivating? Artworks can score well here regardless of visual quality.

After the rating period the winners will be revealed, the top 3 get a role on the Creator's Campfire Discord server and the winner will be put as cover image on Azakaela's song. Good luck and have fun :)

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Background by Samuel Regan-Asante on


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