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Rules and Regulations

  • Respect the process and have patience; this should be fun for all!
  • Team Requirements
    • 2 programmers per team
    • 2 designers per team
    • 4 artists per team

Guidelines for Success

Your only objective is to make games and have fun during the process. Throw process and structure to the wind (mostly) and do whatever it takes to work together on something fun together!

To help you have fun, considering adhering to these tips:

  • "Finish" the game early to leave time for polish!
  • Collaborate on the game idea; make sure to share the creative process with everyone on the team.
  • Start and small and build off of it. Don't try to build everything at once!

What's the Theme?


About the Academy of Interactive Entertainment

Mission Statement

AIE trains students for employment and career opportunities in 3D animation, game development and related fields through the provision of world class education as well as acting as a catalyst to build these industries.


AIE is a non-profit educator established in 1996 to grow and support the game industry. Our unique curriculum is offered in the United States and Australia, and provides students with the training needed to join our other graduates as entrepreneurs, leaders, and innovators in the video game and film industries. We were one of the first colleges in the world to offer specialized training for 3D animation and video game development.


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Flee from the lava ghosts and escape the duck's nightmare!
Don't let the healthy bunnies touch the sick bunnies!
Stranded in a old radio tower, follow the instructions on the radio before they find your location...
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Penguins love the crowd. Penguins love a snack. Penguins eat hands that make their way through the cage.
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Escape a shifting labyrinth before being consumed by the darkness.
Your skin heats up as the seconds pass. Terrified roars escape your throat. The lava is approaching. Run!
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Game Jam game made by team Ghost Banana
Run away from a wall of lava before it consumes your beautiful new business suit!