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This game jam (theme, quirk, rules, voting criteria, banner image, as well as the following text) has been entirely generated by OpenAIs ChatGPT and Dall-E. This is NOT an official OpenAI jam! Only minor adjustments were made by hand (e.g. removing prizes, editing dates).

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AI Game Jam #2

Welcome to the Lost Worlds game jam, where developers are challenged to create games that explore the mysteries of lost and forgotten places. This game jam is all about creating immersive and imaginative worlds, inspired by mythology, ancient civilizations, and fantastic realms.

Theme: Lost Worlds

The theme for this game jam is "Lost Worlds". Participants are encouraged to create games that take players on a journey to discover long-forgotten places, ancient ruins, or mythical realms. This could involve exploring forgotten cities, discovering lost technologies, or fighting mythical creatures in a magical world. The focus is on creating immersive and imaginative worlds that capture the spirit of lost places.

Secondary Quirk: Environmental Storytelling

In addition to the "Lost Worlds" theme, all games must have a mechanic that involves environmental storytelling. This could be as simple as using in-game objects, visuals, and sound effects to tell a story, or as complex as creating a dynamic narrative that changes based on the player's actions. This added mechanic will encourage developers to think creatively about how they use the game world to convey a story.


The Lost Worlds game jam will run from 03/24/2023 to 03/31/2023. Participants will have one week to create and submit their games.

Submission Guidelines

  • All games must be original and created during the game jam period.
  • Games must incorporate the "Lost Worlds" theme and have a mechanic involving environmental storytelling.
  • Games can be developed for any platform, but must be submitted as a downloadable file or a web-based playable version.
  • Participants must provide a brief explanation of their game and how it relates to the theme and secondary quirk.

Judging Criteria

Games will be judged based on the following criteria:

  • Creativity and originality
  • Relevance to the theme and secondary quirk
  • Fun and gameplay
  • Visuals and presentation
  • Effective use of environmental storytelling

Join the Lost Worlds game jam and let your imagination run wild as you create immersive and imaginative worlds, inspired by lost and forgotten places!


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Find Runes Escape
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A survival horror game set in a school while avoiding a mysterious monster.
Entry for the AI Generated Jam #2: Lost World.