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AI Game Jam #1

Welcome to the Echoes of the Past game jam, where developers are challenged to delve into the mysteries of history and bring them to life through innovative gameplay. This game jam is all about uncovering the secrets of the past and exploring how they shape the present and future.

Theme: Echoes of the Past

The theme for this game jam is "Echoes of the Past". Participants are encouraged to create games that incorporate historical events or ancient civilizations in unique and imaginative ways. This could involve exploring lost ruins, discovering forgotten technologies, or retelling historic events from a new perspective. The focus is on uncovering the mysteries of the past and how they shape the present and future.

Secondary Quirk: Time Travel/Manipulation

In addition to the "Echoes of the Past" theme, all games must have a mechanic that involves time travel or time manipulation. This could be as simple as revisiting past events, or as complex as changing the outcome of history. This added mechanic will add an extra layer of challenge for game developers and encourage creative problem-solving and imaginative gameplay.


The Echoes of the Past game jam will run from Friday 02/24/2023 to Friday 03/04/2023. Participants will have one week to create and submit their games.

Submission Guidelines

  • All games must be original and created during the game jam period.
  • Games must incorporate the "Echoes of the Past" theme and have a mechanic involving time travel or time manipulation.
  • Games can be developed for any platform, but must be submitted as a downloadable file or a web-based playable version.
  • Participants must provide a brief explanation of their game and how it relates to the theme and secondary quirk.

Judging Criteria

Games will be judged based on the following criteria:

  • Creativity and originality
  • Relevance to the theme and secondary quirk
  • Fun and gameplay
  • Visuals and presentation

Join the Echoes of the Past game jam and put your creative skills to the test as you explore the mysteries of history through innovative gameplay!


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