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We invite you to take part in a jam dedicated to artificial intelligence technologies! The purpose of this jam is to learn how to use the capabilities of the AI and demonstrate the other potential for attracting AI to create games.


The topic of the second jam is "LMAO". Here, by the way, how the last jam went: AI Game Jam #1: Zombie game

Jam participants used such AI tools as: ChatGPT, Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, NotionAI, DeepL,, AivaAI, Intellisense, RemovalAI, DALL-E2, etc.


Your task is to involve artificial intelligence in as possible a range of tasks when creating a game: from inventing the name of the game, and ending with code, models/split and music. You do not necessarily have to give all the tasks to artificial intelligence, but part of the artificial intelligence in your project should be at least 30%. When posting the project, you also need to indicate what tools you used.


You need to publish the game on your page 01.04 to 15:00 (by Kiev, UTC +3). Game presentation will take place on our Discord server at 15:30 (by Kiev, UTC +3). There you can ask any questions about jam and get advice on the use of AI during jam. And we are constantly publishing news there about new AI tools that can be useful for developers.

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ai-made 2d runner with miku :)
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