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Here is the interface to showcase the work of the AI-architecture course at Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology. The course was taught by Mr. Ximing Zhong and coordinated by Mr. Kun Li. Students were asked to use deep learning methods to create architectural design solutions.

这里是西安建筑科技大学的AI -architecture 课程作品展示界面。该课程由钟喜明老师主讲、李焜老师协调。 同学们被要求用深度学习方法来创造建筑设计方案。


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​This project is an optimization scheme for dividing building window panes based on GAN algorithms.
This project uses machine learning to optimize the acoustic environment in the design of lecture hall and venue
This study established a method to generate the corresponding grid style by inplacing the lighting demand value.
Machine learning is used to analyze the influence of natural environment and human preference on balcony layout