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For some reason when googling Adult Games you get pages of weird results that aren't not at all related to the experience of being an adult. It's about time we do something about this.

Jam rules

1) Make a game about being an adult (*).

2) Work on it only while the jam is active.

3) Upload it to

4) You are free to use pre-made assets.

5) NSFW content must be tagged as such.

Adult Games (*)

What's an actual adult game? Well, it's an interactive thing about:

Filling out paperwork, paying rent, doing laundry, taking care of children, eating ice-cream after midnight, pretending to be brave when visiting the dentist, spending hours trying to verbalize complex feelings, realizing things might not be as bad as you feared, checking your bank account, thinking about sending a Facebook message to a friend you haven't talked to in years or WHATEVER you think adults do.

Art by RicoAlbe

Hosted by Ludipe, Sebastian Scaini and Raindrinker.

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a very short and depressiv game about life
short noisy game for 1-4 adults + 'kids'
You've graduated, now what?
Role Playing
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Choose Only Correct Answer.-But Thanks To Our Advance Technology
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​Re post for the Timdred Jam
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