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Welcome To Acoustic Cover Jam

Acoustic Cover Jam is a three month long jam based on a simple premise: creating a 'cover' version of another game.

Basically, you can approach this two ways:

Either make a version of someone else's game that heavily uses your own styles, mechanics, and elements, or look at the cover / skim the synopsis of another game, and then make your own game based on what you saw or read.

This idea was initially floated by @SandyPugGames on Twitter, who didn't have time to set up the jam, so I'll be making my first attempt at organizing and running a jam.


You are absolutely encouraged to make games inspired by people who are participating in this jam, but ask first.

To get things rolling, I give permission to make stuff for Acoustic Cover Jam using any of my games as the prompt.

You may submit as many games as you'd like, and there's no restrictions on content, but include a Content Warning on your game page and also in your game if it tackles material that folks might not want to run into unprepared.

This is not a jam that will be judged. Everyone who participates wins. However, if you'd like feedback on your jam game, I'm happy to read it and jot down any notes I can think of for stuff that worked/didn't work/might benefit from adjustment.

Overall, the goal here is to have fun.

Acoustic Cover Jam was started with tabletop games in mind, but other types of games are absolutely welcome.


Cover image is by Jared Craig, via Unsplash


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Crows doing crimes and rituals to take back their home: an RPG
A cover of Viditya Voleti's We Who Seek Titans
Mech-and-Pilot Forged in the Dark Made Easy!
A Sink to Swim hack about sailing back
Conversion notes for running Numenera content using Into the Odd
A World of Dungeons hack for UVG
Farm kelp, gather sea creatures, and turn your Enclave into a thriving thicket of marine life in this tabletop rpg.
​A weird game about fighting for your community.
A cover of Aurora, a much better game.
A one-page game about getting into a robot with your comrades.
An endless runner project
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