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We're Aggressive Combustion - a two-person game studio in Houston that just wants to make cool stuff and meet Dave Grohl. Besides that, we stream games and gamedev, make tutorials and podcasts, and more.

Starting now, that "more" part includes "hosting game jams"!

During the first-ever Aggressive Combustion Start of Summer (S.O.S.) game jam, we're encouraging students and others that can't normally participate in jams - due to the timing and/or crunch involved - to make a thing over the course of 12(ish) days.

We're hoping that if you're a student, this period falls between semesters for you; if you're not a student, then hopefully the amount of time is more appealing than crunching during a single weekend. We want this to be a jam that anyone can participate in.


  • You'll have from 10 AM on May 20th until 11:59:59 PM on May 31st (Times are CST) - Theme will be announced at 10 AM on May 20th
  • You are free to use assets and code created before the start of the jam - though in the spirit of a game jam, the project itself should be a new one. Use your best judgement here.
  • Along with the last point, you are free to use any asset you're legally cleared to use - but credit where credit is due. If you didn't make something, let us know who did.
  • Nothing NSFW - some violence and cursing can be ok, but let's keep things around the PG-13 mark.
  • Submissions must be digital games - preferably for Web or Windows (you can submit for others, but those are the easiest to play). You can use any engine or tools to make your game.

That's it! We want to keep things pretty casual for this jam; we just want people to focus on trying to make cool stuff. Following the conclusion of the jam, we'll be streaming as many of the games as possible on our Twitch channel (and we may post a video on YouTube). 

Rogues and Roleplayers will be streaming jam games on their Twitch channel as well!

You can contact us through Twitter, or email. We also have a Discord Server full of game developers and other awesome people. If you would like to stream games following the jam, or want to stream development of your entry, let us know and we'll add you here.

Good luck everyone, we can't wait to see what you make :)

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neak, steal, and kill your way through 13 dangerous levels in this slick action-platformer
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A nice puzzle game about bringing Spring to Baikal.
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Simple survival game made for SOS game jam
Neon Endless Runner that challenge your reflexes!
Bring the cows back home.
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ACGS Start of Summer (S.O.S) Jam submission
Dancing Simulator for Tiny Characters
Made for SOSJam
Get the highest score you can in this minimalist jam game!
Ricochet your bullets to kill enemies.
A paltformer game made for ACGS Start of Summer (S.O.S) Jam
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Metal Bossrush!