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Welcome to the second Ace Jam! If you're looking for the first Ace Jam, you can find that here: 

Also, we got written up last year by Rock Paper Shotgun (though they didn't contact me for comment):

If you want to contact me for comment for a future piece of journalism, here's my email: metaparadox11 AT gmail DOT com

Ace Jam is a game jam about creating games with asexual spectrum characters. This includes video games, tabletop games, and live games as well! Given that there are relatively few games out there with asexual characters, let alone asexual characters in primary roles, I thought I'd host a game jam to go about changing that. This jam is for people of all skill levels. If this is your first game jam, great! Never made a game before? Great. This is a low pressure, non-judged jam. It's all about creating more ace games for people to play. 

While we don't have a Discord server specifically for Ace Jam, there is an #acejam channel in my Queer Game Dev server (for queer-identified game devs, but also respectful Straight+cis people interested in making games with lgbt+ characters) here: 

Can't find team members? Try our Crowdforge page!

 I'm currently gathering a collection of streamers and let's players willing to play Ace Jam games after the jam ends! If you don't want your game played, make sure to say this on your game page. If you're a streamer or let's player and your'e interested in playing at least one Ace Jam game on video or stream, let me know and I'll list you here! Hoping to find ace streamers, but any respectful player is welcome! Email metaparadox11 AT gmail DOT com if you're interested in playing Ace Jam games on stream or video.

Streamers and Let's Players:

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You don't have to be asexual to join, but if you are not ace, please be respectful in your game and do your research on asexuality. (Hint: talk to asexual people!) If you don't know the difference between asexual, aromantic, and agender or aren't willing to look it up on your own, this may not be the jam for you.

The Rules:

  • There must be at least one asexual spectrum character in a primary role in your game. Interpret this as you will, but the following roles are A-OK: protagonist, love interest, member of a team, best friend. (If you're writing an asexual antagonist, tread lightly and make sure that you aren't vilifying their asexuality or dehumanizing them. A three dimensional antagonist, villain-as-protagonist, or antihero is fine.)
  • Use the word! Actually use the word "asexual" or the specific ace spectrum identity of your character in the game. So often ace people have to resort to fan speculation or ask creators for "word of god" to find characters like them in games. Don't add to that problem with your game.
  • Be mindful of harmful stereotypes about asexual people. (i.e. "Asexuals are emotionless", "Asexuals are not human", "Asexuals are robots or aliens.") Tread very lightly if you have an emotionless, alien, or robot character. Do not promote overtly harmful tropes like saying "all asexuals are aromantic" or vice-versa or "all asexuals are autistic" or vice-versa and especially not "all asexuals are damaged/mentally ill/physically ill or vice-versa. Feel free to have aromantic or disabled asexual characters (I'm saying this as an aromantic-spectrum, autistic, chronically ill asexual), just be sure not to imply that all asexuals are this way or that all people who claim another identity are asexual.
  • You may submit an unfinished game as a demo.
  • You may work on a game you started previously, including for a past Ace Jam.
  • You may submit multiple games if you have time!
  • Teams of any size are permissible, as is working alone.
  • Since this is a chill jam with no winners or losers, feel free to start your game whenever you'd like. Only use assets you have the right to use, though. No breaking any copyright laws. (Or other laws!)
  • Your game can include sexual content, but no sexualized depictions of characters under 18. If your characters are teens, no relationships with age gaps over 3 years. No promotion or glorification of non-consent should be present in your game.
  • Content warn in your game page description for common triggers such as self harm, suicide, sexual assault, etc.
  • Obviously, no promoting hatred with your games, whether toward ace people, other LGBT+ people, or other marginalized identities. Basically, no racism, aphobia, homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, ableism, sexism, etc. These topics may be part of the plot, but don't use your game to promote them. Hateful games will be removed.
  • No jam spam! If your game doesn't follow the rules or is unrelated to the jam, don't submit it! It will be deleted!

New to game development? Not a programmer? Here's some free resources for you that are easy to learn, though some are only free trials or only free for non-commercial use or releasing to certain platforms.):

Other resources for beginners:

Here's some resources for learning more about writing asexual characters:

Let the games begin!

Your host,



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An interactive coloring book.
A crusty punk rock soap opera in space.
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Race through a supermarket in a shopping trolley to collect jam for the Asexual Pride picnic.
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Asexual Magical Girls for Ace Jam 2019
Semi-non-linear creative non-fiction about the creator.