Submissions open from 2023-02-28 16:00:00 to 2023-03-31 16:00:00
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What is this?

This is a recurring, non-ranked, ~month long game jam. It's nice to be held accountable when making a small game. One to two week jams can be too much of a time crunch for some, but a month is a bit more comfortable.

Who is this for?

Anyone 🙂! 1st game or 100th, this game jam is here to help you if you need this accountability. If you don't finish your project during the month, no worries! We've all been there.


After the game jam is over, take a look at the entries and provide feedback! Tell them what you liked about playing and what could use work. Err on the side of saying things in a kind way: "Something I think could use some work/something I had trouble with while playing is..." is better than "I didn't like/this game is bad because..."

Other questions

  • Q: What is the theme?
    A: There isn't one. Make something that you like.
  • Q: Is there a discord?
    A: Yes (invite link)
  • Q: NSFW ok?
    A: Make whatever you like, but please try to warn others on your game's page if your game has gore, nudity, flashing lights, or potentially serious topics (suicide, sexual violence, etc)
  • Q: Can I use my work from previous projects on this game?
    A: Of course! If you just want to do a month's work on an existing game and show it at the end, that's totally cool.
  • Q: Is it ok if I submit my game to other jams?
    A: Yes, but this game jam is a month long and about being accountable. Submitting a project here along with ~20 other jams only to get more views for purchases or feedback on your game is not in the spirit of this jam, and your game may by disqualified/removed.

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Boulder Dash Remake
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Everything has a meaning
The game with the most diversifiers!
Roguelike Idle Clicker DeckBuilder
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