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Welcome back to our third game jam! We only got 20 contestants last time, so I hope to see more this time! Join our discord! You will know when the game jam happens and more!

  • Your game cannot be a NSFW game. - disqualification
  •  Your game must be complete. - warning  
  •  Do not work on your game before the jam. - disqualification
  •  Vote on games fairly, and don't just give them a bad rating for your own game. - warning => disqualification 
  •  All of your art MUST be in a form of pixel art (if your game is 3D, use voxel art). - warning => disqualification 
  •  You may use any game engine, as long as doesn't require external downloads. - warning
  •  Please upload your game to be playable in the browser. If you cannot do that, make it downloadable for computers. - warning => disqualification
  •  Your game must include the theme. - warning

The theme is Never Alone

Check out the votes here!

Voting will be based on 5 categories:

Effort - how much effort was put into the game

Gameplay - how good the gameplay was

Art - how good did the art look

Fun - how fun the game was when you played it

Audio - how good did the sfx/music sounded

Voting is done by participates and contributors, to keep it fair. 

Can I work in teams? - Yes you may, but its recommended to keep it small

Can I use code/art/etc. I made or someone else made before the jam? - Yes, you can. If your getting your assets from someone else, be sure to ask them first!

Can I set up my workspace (IDE, project, etc.) before the jam starts? - Yes, you can, just don't add anything to your projects before the jam.

If you have any questions not listed, ask in our discord.


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Ghosts of other players populate the world of this short platformer.
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you need to control two characters
Protect the last known light source on earth from creatures of darkness.
You and Me. Intense 1-on-1 Action.
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Experience the beauty of Infinite Forest! But don't get lost! This place is full of dangers!
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Fight fire to save those in danger!
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This short horror maze game was made for the Abyssal's pixel gameJam #5 in three days.
Video Game
Press up arrow to get a key from the dresser and down arrow to put the key in the door
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better do it together
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