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Making games in any way other than the mainstream-prescribed roadmap is stupid and absurd. At least that’s the consensus.

So let’s do it anyway. This jam is an opportunity to explore the glory that is to rebel.

Make Games Wrong and run with it. Think of the buzzwords in game development and screw with them.
-Fun. Gamers™ say games should be fun. What if you don't limit yourself to what's "fun"?
-Replayability. None at all, too much, mandatory?
-Flow. They say games should. What if nah?
-Playtime. Too short, too long? What if 10 seconds?
-Ending. They say they gotta be satisfying. What if ending is so bad you’ll do anything to keep playing and revolt against the inevitability of the deterministic algorithm ticking on and on until all is ruined and everything joins the void on the maiden voyage to the Ignominy-ville.

This jam is organized by the grace of Clash of Realities conference where there will be a summit on Absurd Games on Nov. 18.
The page for the November event will be live next week, meanwhile you can checkout their July edition here and join our Discord here for updates, questions, and interaction with this mad community.

-You should own rights to stuff you created or used.
-We won’t police when you’ve done your game but maybe make it during the jam?
-No offensive stuff. If you have to ask, it might be best to just not do it.

Challenges (All are optional but do consider them):
-Less than 10 second game
-Go left
-No exposition
-Ludonarrative Dissonance (Embrace it, lean into it.)
-Self-destructing game
-Oops, it's all Bugs


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Unravel a web of mysteries and stick your fangs into high-stakes action in Spider City
Visual Novel
This is a very weird coin collector game.
Explore a vast, open and exciting world with Frog in the layed back platformer!
Set sail for Wine!
An absurd top down shooter. All Paul Litres will die.
A Game about Choice
I made this for some reason because my friends on Discord suggested it, please enjoy
Visual Novel
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