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Game 3 - Abstract Interactives.

Create an interactive visual experience that either calms someone or excites them. It should look and be interesting visual art looping by itself in the background without interaction, but also it should have interaction that allows the audience to shape and interact with it in some way.

Pull inspiration from abstract games like Panoramical / Weird Kids, as well as screensavers, visual art, and the demo scene.

- Marks for a dynamic interesting, scene with lots of movement
- Marks for interesting interactions
- Marks for a unique style

Upload per instructions
(ie, 'zip' it - do not rar it - and uploaded a marked as a windows build as well uploading a web build)

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A visual experience - NSFW
A short abstract experience by Vikki Ruttle created for a Screensaver Jam.
A short Visual experience
Type words in to extract their feelings and apply them to the world!
Visual Experience
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