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As of last count, there are approximately 28  games out there about menstruation. (And yes, I do have a list!) That's one for each day of the average person's menstrual cycle. And sure, that's a neat coincidence and all, but we need more.  That's right, About Bloody Time jam is back!

So, here we go!

Make a game about menstruation (again). 

Having a period, missing a period, PMS, being banned from your village while you have your period, menopause, buying pads and tampons, not having pads and tampons, birth control pills, missing out on seeing your friends coz you're in too much pain, menstrual cramps, being unable to go to school because of your period, sustainable menstrual hygiene products, tampon taxes, getting your period unexpectedly, asking to borrow pads and tampons, how the menstrual cycle works, using menstrual cups, ways to deal with dysphoria when you're not a woman and you get a period, how to get blood out of your favourite pair of jeans.....

......the list goes on. And on. And on.

I'll throw up a couple of diversifers / extra challenges when the jam begins for those of you who want some extra guidance or an extra challenge. But, please know, these are not mandatory. At the end of the day, the main point is to make a thing about menstruation in some way.

Because, it's about bloody time.

~~~Quick Rules~~~

1. PLEASE use 'people who menstruate' and 'menstrual hygiene products' when speaking of these things, rather than 'women who menstruate' and 'feminine hygiene products'. Not everyone who menstruates is a woman. 

2. If you are not a person who menstruates, PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH. Speak to your friends, family, whoever, and get educated. You are more than welcome to make a thing, but please make sure you speak to people who menstruate or research elsewhere to make sure you are accurately representing menstruation.

3. Menstruation can be a sensitive or triggering topic for some individuals. PLEASE use appropriate content warnings when you are discussing this jam publicly (i.e. on Twitter).

4. Other topics can also be sensitive or triggering for some individuals. PLEASE use appropriate content warnings if you are making a game that includes some potentially sensitive or triggering content.

5. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will harassment, bullying, or offensive language be tolerated - both in your games and in the Discord / here. Please be respectful jammers!

~~~Quick Questions~~~

Can I work on something I've already started / an old project I forgot about?

Yes - provided it's about menstruation in some way.

Can I start work before the jam start date?


Can I work alone? Can I work in a team?

Yes and yes.

Is there a Discord for this jam, so I can chat & show progress to other rad humans?

There will be very very soon! Jess is finishing setting it up, it will be live a few days before the jam begins.

I don't know how to code / art, am I still able to make a thing?

ABSOLUTELY YES.  Please feel free to use any game engine / tools you like: Twine, Bitsy, Flickgame, & Construct 2 are all easy to use & free.

I want to make a board game / card game / tabletop RPG / icebreaker game / sports game / some other kind of game, can I still make a thing?

ABSOLUTELY YES. As long as it's about menstruation in some way.

I don't think I'll get this finished in time because of life / work / people / study / spaceship malfunctions / another equally plausible reason, can I submit what I've done and update it later?

Yes. There is no judging or rating in this jam. I just want to see more games about menstruation.

Can I submit more than one game?

Of course, provided they're each about menstruation in some way.

I'm not sure if my game counts because it might not be a real game-

Yes, it counts and is a real game. 

My game isn't about menstruation, can I still submit it?

This probably isn't the jam for you, but I'm so proud of you for making a thing. Please upload it elsewhere on to share it with the world.

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A historical look at how menstraters have dealt with that time of the month
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Elves and orcs and periods and parties!
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