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Dear Voter/Submitter, 

My name is Abdurrahman and I am glad to announce that my Halloween Event has started! So this year we'll be doing something different, we will have an art competition. You will be doing a Halloween art or you will be voting on the most beautiful art in your opinion. To avoid cheating or using expensive tools, you will be using Gravit. You can use Gravit as an application or just in the browser, using it in the browser is highly recommended. In this competition. Remember only Halloween related art will be able to be submitted, If it is not related to Halloween it will be removed. I wish you all the best luck ever!

How to submit:
  1. Click on "Submit your project"
  2. Click on  "Upload game
  3. On the title type "My submission"
  4. On Upload Cover Image, Upload your Halloween art.  
  5. Now Scroll down to "Uploads", click on "Upload files" and upload your Halloween art.
  6. Scroll down to "Visibility & access" and check "Public — Anyone can view the page, you can enable this after you've saved"
  7. There you go!
NOTE: Mobile users can not submit!

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A simple submission for my Halloween event!