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Ahoy there, Capt'n!

Welcome to the First Aestuo jam, AA Jam! 

Theme: Voting here:

Theme suggestions now open- pM me to suggest a theme on the discord.

Get your game played by streamers!

But rememeber to have a good game thumbnail and name otherwise they may not notice you while streaming.

IF you want to have your channel linked here, and your going to play jam entries, message me through the discord(above) and everyone will be able to check out all your awesome videos :D

So far:

-How about you?

What is this 'Aestuo' you speak of?

Aestuo is a community-based online retailer and publisher.

Whether you need to know the tricks to get through that pesky game level or tips to make one of your own, we're here!

What is a game jam and why should I bother participating?

Do you know that I have never finished a game for a jam- it doesn't matter it's about taking part and I always upload my efforts at the end and you know what I've never came last in a jam!

Beginners- Perfect Way to Learn

Intermediates- Practice makes perfect

Veterans- Perfect way to have fun

Oh, and winners will receive some cool prizes, see below

I don't have a team!

No team? No problem! Check out some of these amazing discord servers:

Taira Games:


OR even The Aestuo Official Server:

OR Head over to our crowdforge, I just had a really meaningful chat with the co-founder on customer service:

I don't have an engine!?!?

Twine lets you write choose-your-own-adventures, but you can branch out into more complex enhancements (like remembering what the player has done, or tracking an inventory) very easily. And since it's mostly text, no one expects artwork(Woohoo!)

Inform 7 is a system for writing old-school text adventures, where you walk between rooms and examine objects and solve puzzles. The programming language it uses is written out as English sentences, which supposedly makes it easier to get started with. And of course, no one expects art.

MegaZeux is an old game creation system, with all the tools built in. It has a bunch of built-in objects for making little adventure games, but you can program custom objects as well. And the art is even more limited than the PICO-8's. (There's also ZZT, its predecessor, which is harder to customize — but much more impressive when you manage.) 

ZDoom is the original Doom engine plus 25 years of enhancements — it's a great platform for building simple explorable 3D worlds, and you can do as much or as little extra programming as you like. How can this possibly be horny? I don't know; that's your problem.

LÖVE is great if you're comfortable programming and just want something to get out of your way. It's basically just Lua bindings for SDL and a bit of OpenGL: 2D drawing, sound, input (including from gamepad), and some math and physics stuff thrown in. No GUI or IDE; just you and the engine.

Construct 3 A generally awesome engine for 2D games if you want to be able t learn everything in a day.

The process 

1) Pop along to our Discord server:

2)Head to #game-jam-hype and ask for details or help.

3) ???   

4) Games!

You'll have from Thursday 8th  12:00 GMT until Thursday 15th 11.59 GMT to create and submit your game.  You hold all rights to anything created during the jam.


Q: Can I have NSFW Content? A: No, sorry!  

Q: Can I use old assets / assets from <pack here> A: Feel free to use free assets, just remember to credit the source!

Q: Which engines can I use? A: Any engine you like, use whatever you feel the most comfortable with.

Q: What's the maximum team size? A: 4

Have a question that wasn't answered here? Ask in our Discord server! (


First Place:

- Everyone in your team gets an Aestuo Hoodie :DDDD

-Name The Discord Bot!

-Jam-Winners Discord Role!

-Every member of your team gets a 50% off voucher for any game :D on Aestuo!

-Get your game featured on the Aestuo Homepage (if you put it on Aestuo) for a month!


*second and third*

-Every Member gets a 30% off voucher anything on Aestuo!

-Get your game featured on the Aestuo Homepage (if you put it on Aestuo) for 2 weeks!


-Get your game featured on the Aestuo Homepage (if you put it on Aestuo) for a week!

-Oppourtunity to join the Aestuo Publishing Partnership Program. (See Below :D)

-Make something Awesome :D

Good Luck and remember posting something is always better than posting nothing!

small ad

WE LOVE to run fun things like this but we are totally funded, until one of the games we are publishing is released, by the nice folks who buy games at so if you enjoy this game-jam and you've had a game in mind that you've wanted to play for a while then please head over there :) .

Publishing Partnership Program:

In a nutshell: We can get your game on any free platform such as and get it distributed across many digital distributors.

-Publish on Free Platforms

-Social Media Support


In Exchange for:

-Aestuo logo at the beginning of your game :D

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