This jam is now over. It ran from 2017-08-05 04:00:00 to 2017-08-08 04:00:00. View results

The A2A Jam will be a series of Game Jams (probably at inconsistent times since my schedule can vary a lot) based around the popular card game.  The first one will start on August 5th and end on August 8th. There will be a green* card with an adjective on it (below), and 7 red* cards that make up every participant's hand, with nouns on them(also below). Once announced at the beginning of the entry period, you will have 3 days to create your entries based on one of the red cards, trying to fit the category of the green card. Whoever the judge is(me for the first round) will vote on which game fits both the red card used and the green card best, as well as how good the game is in general. This is very subjective, so you'll have an advantage if you know the judge. Since I have something coming up soon that'll take a lot of my free time, the winners will not be announced until August 15th, just to give me time to judge. The winner will be able to judge the next round, or, if he/she doesn't want to, I will judge again(however, to prevent somebody winning twice in a row, the same person cannot win the next round). The winner will also receive a point to be put on the A2A scoreboard(may or may not just end up being a spreadsheet, or maybe even fancier, a text file). After a certain amount of A2A jams (I haven't yet decided how many), whoever has the most points on the scoreboard will be dubbed the winner. There is no prize for this, since the system is too easily abusable, however if the winner is okay with it, I will likely advertise them and their game on various sites throughout the internet. It's likely that nobody will win twice, in which case I'll either find another way of choosing the winner by looking back at the winning games, have a tie-breaker round(unlikely that I'll do this one), or just declare it as a tie between everyone who's won. Good luck!


Red* cards:

South Africa

Baked Beans

Gummi Bears

Flying a Kite

The JFK Assassination


Armed Robbery

Green* card:


Just a reminder: The goal is to make the most Saintly game possible with the theme of South Africa, Baked Beans, Gummy Bears, Flying a Kite, The JFK Assassination, Milk, or Armed Robbery.

*not actually green and red, just different text.