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A Town, A Forest, a Dungeon

According to the website, Cairn is an adventure game about exploring a dark & mysterious Wood filled with strange folk, hidden treasure, and unspeakable monstrosities. And there certainly are plenty of excellent Cairn adventures (and just as many conversions) out there, but not nearly enough of them feature forests and dungeons as their primary focus! What would a "quintessential" adventure for Cairn look like, anyway? Well, this jam aims to find out!

The theme is "A Town, A Forest, a Dungeon." Obviously, that means any submissions should feature those three things. Everything else is up to you. For some great examples of these themes, check out the following adventures! Not all feature all three elements but they are definitely worth reading for inspiration,

Unlike previous jams, I ask that any submissions have stats native to Cairn. If you're already working on something for another system and would like to submit it, please reach out on the Cairn Discord server to ask for help converting (a simple page of notes will suffice).  Feel free to join anyway, just to chat! We have a jam channel as well.

You can charge whatever you like, and there is no 3rd-party license to create products for Cairn. If you absolutely must, there is a "for use with Cairn" logo in the "Cairn Game Files" folder. Everything on the website (including the full game) is licensed under CC-BY-SA 4.0, so feel free to take whatever you find there, just remember to understand the license first! 

Finally, I've written a Forestcrawl generator you may find useful.

 I'm excited to see what folks come up with, however small or large! 

Jam image by Kim Holm, licensed under CC-BY 4.0


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A horror adventure of dark folklore for Cairn
B3 converted for Cairn and modern sensibilties
A dungeon, village and forest for Forgotten Ballad and Cairn
A fairytale module for the Cairn adventure game
An appalachian inspired adventure made for Cairn
An adventure for Cairn and Mangayaw
A mini fantasy campaign setting
A fungal adventure for Cairn
An OSR epic fairytale adventure for the Cairn RPG.
And hast thou slain the Jabberwock?
The clerics went into the swamp a month ago; now, the townsfolk fear the worst.
A Forest Depthcrawl for Cairn
Hunt the Poison Devil in the Moss Woods into its lair!
A lumberjack and moose filled forestcrawl for Cairn
An adventure for Cairn
This is an adventure of puzzles and mortal danger.
A region of invention for Cairn RPG
A 32 page forest hexcrawl adventure for Cairn
A Forested Fantasy Festival for Cairn
A cavern full of adventure for Cairn
A short adventure for Cairn
A theatrical adventure for Cairn
Venture into an abandonned mine hiding old eldricht gods. For Cairn by Yochai gal (VF disponible)
The very small Cairn adventure for low level folks. Where you are to deliver a rock, shaped like a goat.
Wishes do come true on the night of the Bluest Moon
A NSR Forest-crawl adventure for Cairn
A mystery taking place in the imperiled Bridge-Over-Kells, which risks being entombed in ice.
A pamphlet adventure for Cairn with a forest and ghost stories
Cairn Adventure / Aventure pour Cairn
a jungle adventure for the Golden Idol rpg powered by Cairn
A Cairn RPG adventure!
Help Robert The Smith find The Cure in A Forest.
A weird folk adventure for Cairn
A Cairn Adventure Inspired by Polish Folklore, Language and Culture
"In the end. it always comes to rot" - An adventure for Cairn.
arboreal abundance. an adventure for cairn.
A fantasy adventure for Cairn featuring a Town, a Forest, and a Dungeon
An adventure amidst a parasitic housing crisis
Dare to Brave the Nightmares of this Grimm-Inspired Adventure
An isekai adventure inspired by Faustian fiends and devilish deals.
A horror-themed dungeon and its surroundings for Cairn
An adventure for CAIRN | Una aventura para CAIRN
A futuristic starship crash lands outside a Halfling village.
Adventure for a Cairn Game Jam
A Celtic Otherworld Adventure for Cairn
blomsterby er overladt til sin skæbne foruden sin gartner