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A SLICE OF PLAY is a gamejam that's organized by the Moroccan youtube channel CARTEmemoire and is meant to offer a space to create fun & original gaming experiences.

Channel's URL: 


Make whatever you want as long as i tgoes with the theme ! You have the right to use any game engine you want as far as you do have the legal rights to it. Also, you can utilize pre-made assets, just make sure you have the required permissions to those assets.

Do have common sense when crafting your games. Making intentionally offensive stuff is forbidden. Also, please specify if your game is NSFE so we can avoid trouble when playing it on CARTEmemoire's youtube channel. .

The game you submit ought to be exported/zipped in one of these formats: EXE - HTML5   


The theme will be revealed on friday 3 january 2020 , via a video through CARTEmemoire channel,

 It'll be written here too


- ! الضربة للي ماتقتل، تقوي 

- Positive Frustration


Submissions are open from Saturday at 9:00 AM to Monday at 12:00 PM

Upload your creation anytime during the jam time window

Once the jam is over, a video showcasing all your creations will be published on the CM youtube channel

You can join the discord server to chichat along with the jammers on this URL:

Enjoy the jam !! 


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A prototype made for the A SLICE OF PLAY Gamejam.
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