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I love puzzles, don't you? Makes your brain stronger and better at solving puzzles in real life! So this is a game jam for puzzles or anything that challenges your brain like strategy (RPGs) or decision-making (virtual novels)!

There are no hard rules! So if you want to submit another type of game that is fine! :D You still have to follow guidelines, though! Here are a basic set of instructions if you want to read them:

  • I won't try to impose any theme on you, but the theme is just basically about puzzles.
  • Any games from previous jams are fine! You don't have to start from scratch!
  • If you want to submit a game that you already finished, though, you should try improving on it, whether that means bug-fixing, adding more levels, or adding entirely new features! It will make your game better! (Improving visuals or audio is also good!)
  • I will participate, too, of course. Why not? ;) You should judge fairly, though, or else! I am generous when it comes to ratings, though. xD
  • Well, yes, chess counts, too! Your game doesn't have to be digital! ;)

Voting will be six days. And as you can see you have thirty days to submit, so begin! (Unless you came later, but you don't have to submit a complete game, lol.)

  • Puzzling?
  • Intriguing
  • Gameplay
  • Visuals
  • Audio

I will also add something new called Features! :) Basically this is just inspiration to add things into your game! Some of them may not apply to your game and that is okay! The features have to do with puzzles and platformers in general but they can also do with other stuff! :D

  • Moving platforms
  • Beyond the vision
  • Bouncy
  • Health effect

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Mind Blowing Riddle-Solving Games.
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A puzzle game that challenges your expectations of movement!
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Can you answer all of CYBERSONGMAN's riddles correctly? Time to test your decision making skills!
Visual Novel
Land of wormholes
A small, fiendish (and also angelic) puzzle game
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