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Welcome to an unofficial Neumont College of Computer Science Game Jam!

This Game Jam is being hosted as a desire to be able to create games, without the stress that is getting a game done in a short time and having to pull one to several all-nighters to get it completed.

Traditionally, Neumont Game Jams are typically held at school. As it is not possible for all attendants to be present at once, this Game Jam is being held online.

Like traditional Game Jams, there is a theme that participants are encouraged to utilize in their games. However, it is not necessary to do so. You may choose to make a game that has nothing to do with the theme at all.

This game jam will run from the day the quarter ends (March 14) to the day that the quarter starts (April 2).

The theme of the Game Jam that will be announced is up to interpretation, but it in itself should encourage creative and interesting games.

Here's a couple tips while you're working on your game.

  • Don't over-scope. If you have trouble managing time, plan as if this is a normal 48 hour game jam and add features once you finish your base game.
  • Test your game. Make sure your game is fun to play.
  • If you're working on a team, set up roles early to minimize conflicts.
  • Take breaks. There's a reason why this Game Jam isn't just 2-3 days long.
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help. A forums is available for this game jam that you can utilize for discussions.
  • Have fun making your game. Game Jams shouldn't be a chore.

The theme for this game jam is....

Combining Genres

Crypt of the Necrodancer is what one can consider to be your standard turn-based rogue-like. Generally, enemies and hazards will move after the player makes a move, whether that is attacking, interacting with objects, and just plain moving ─ just like that of a typical turn-based game. However, Crypt of the Necrodancer is also a rhythm game. That means that everything the player does must be done on beat to the background music. Missing a beat means skipping a turn, which can be punishing sometimes, as the player loses their bonus multiplier from defeating enemies. But at the same time, staying on beat has its own consequences as well. As the music plays in real time, there is little breathing room to decide on the next action to take, and it especially requires a lot of split-second decisions when surrounded by enemies and hazards alike.

Other games of interest that either follow this or is similar to the specified theme include:

  • Nova-111, a turn-based game where events occur in real-time
  • Transistor, the opposite of Nova-111. A real-time game where events occur in a turn-based fashion
  • Ōkami, an action-adventure game where combat is a drawing simulator.

Create a game that blends two existing genres and combines them to create something new and exciting.
 (As a reminder, you do not necessarily need to follow the theme. It's meant to encourage new playstyles.)

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