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Hello and Welcome to what we hope to be the First of many Community Game Jams.

 We thought it would be a fun idea to host our own Community Game Jam, where our community could show off their talents and passions for all to enjoy ;)


    Since we are a pretty tight, friendly, helpful and beautiful community of Badgers, lets run with that in mind. Lets have a theme that includes the values of "teamwork, family and/or helping others". 

There are no restrictions on anything else, other than one or all of the themes must be included. 

Here is a link the Unity Forum thread for the game jam:

Who Can Join:

We encourage all developers to join, both beginner and expert levels. Groups are welcome and we also have our own Discord channel ( to chat with fellow gamers, ask questions and hear up to date announcements. 

The purpose of this jam is to bring us all closer together, and have a great time whilst participating. Therefore we would like to encourage "TEAMWORK", but please not teams bigger than 4 people.  Being part of a team is not  a requirement but more of a request that you try to expand your horizons and get uncomfortable to make yourself and others better.

We also understand that with the wide breadth of our community this could be hard so.......we are giving you all nearly 2 weeks to complete this jam to allow for the struggles that come with different time zones, real life,  etc.  

Free Assets:

If you did not get the email with the free assets, contact me on Discord and I will send them to you. 


A massive shout out to all our amazing sponsors who have just blown our mind with their generosity and friendship! Thank you all for amazing work and your fantastic donations, contributions and help to the Unity community. 

Synty Studios =
Aquarius Max =
CatSoft Studios (Game Creator) =
Procedural Worlds =
Yondernaught Games (Neo FPS) =
TurnTheGameOn =
Dragonsan Games (Atavism) =
UModeler =
Raphael Ernaelsten (Aura 2) =
SkullVertex =


While there are no limits to your imagination, we ask you respect the following  guidelines.

  1. Please follow the theme given for the jam -- if you have questions, reach out to us here on Discord []
  2. You cannot use any game projects you have started previously, someone else’s project, etc. Your game must be created from scratch (but you are free to use assets of course) and submitted before the deadline of the game jam. We will not accept late submissions.
  3.  Games for public voting are needing to be uploaded to to run from the web browser. But you can submit links for PC and Mobile (Android/IOS) builds. 
  4. If you are using other languages, you must include English subtitles or the like.
  5. NSFW are not allowed.
  6. Only Unity game engine is allowed to be used.
  7. You have to be a member of the community. Do not worry, it is never too late to join our Discord and become a follower on either Twitch or YouTube (the links are hidden in plain site on this page)


Judging will be based on the following criteria:

  1. Theme relevance - How well does your game work with the theme? Games all have to be based on the theme, but don’t be afraid to explore all the different ways to approach the theme. Think outside the box!
  2. Game Performance - How well does your game run. Are there lots of bugs, does its frame rate ever slow down, etc.
  3. Creativity/Originality - We love quality games, but we also want games that grab our attention and show us something new
  4. Pick up in 30 seconds - We want games that are intuitive, we should be masters of your game’s controls in less than 30 seconds.  We will critique on how easy your game is to pick up and play. 
  5. Fun - We’re gamers too so for us the most important thing is that the game is fun!

Winners will be announced 7 days after submissions have closed. There are some special awards which will be announced, secret categories that you just dont know if you might have been entered for... who knows... maybe "Most Messy"??? :)

If you have any questions on the above, don’t hesitate to reach out to us on our discord channel [].  We can also be reached by the following methods:

Unity Asset Store:

 Good Luck, Have fun, and be beautiful ;) 

Without further ado, let the games begin!


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