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We fled to the sky when the night was still full of magic, but found it empty. In our despair we turned back to our ruined world and wrought our gods. Electric spires of silicone will, glistening steel idols filled the horizon. We became their hands upon the Earth, the flesh of maid and maker.

Welcome and join us for the month of October as we make games, art, ephemera and whatever else inspires you from our theme, "A Machine for Gods". Factory gods, cursed machines, artificial souls, divine engines, explore whatever ways technology may overlap the occult.

About the Organizers

Strange Pact is a community of artists, developers, and storytellers that started on discord several years ago with the loose goal of encouraging each others' creative pursuits and providing a context to make weird and experimental art & games. We seek to be a welcoming space, and to that end we don't tolerate any bigotry, and ask that if you join us you keep your interactions PG-13 as not to ostracise anyone due to their age. We invite game makers of all experience levels to make games with us!


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Hunt strange gods and carve them up for profit
A short text written as contribution ​to the "A machine for gods" jam
Investigate a ship drifting through deep-space.
Manage an unknown entity while balancing your exhaustion and despair, your career depends on it!
Sci-fi Platformer Assets - With Game Preview
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