Submissions open from 2021-06-25 16:00:00 to 2021-07-11 15:00:00
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A force of nature no humans could ever defy.

"Time never waits for us"

"Time is never on our side"

but what if... it is?

What if time is on our side? 

What if time can be manipulated...

What if we can control time?

This is a jam about time,

about manipulating time.


Build a game that revolves around the idea of time-manipulation of any kind.

Some examples of time-manipulation includes time travel, time loop, speeding up, slowing down, or stopping time, and precognition. This is NOT a full list and you are more than welcome to use others, or even a combination of others.

Game jams are about exploring your ideas, gaining experience, and just having some fun, so please don’t feel stressed about making a perfect, flawless game with no bugs whatsoever or focus on that one sprite animation that just does not look right. So please remember to have fun!


Q: Will there be any themes/limitations?  A: There will be an optional theme revealed at the beginning of the jam, and the only limitation is that time-manipulation is involved, so other than that your imagination is your only limit. :>
Q: What engine can I use?  A: You can use any engine you want.
Q: Can I work in teams?  A: You can work solo or in teams of any size.
Q: Can I use pre-made assets?  A: Yes, but please ensure you have the legal rights to do so. Note that you will be asked if you or your team had created the art and/or audio for the game during the period of the jam or not; this will be displayed publicly on your game's jam page.
Q: Can I submit a game that I already started on?  A: No, it is required that all participants make the entirety of the game in the time provided.
Q: Can I submit multiple entries?  A: Yes, but it is encouraged that you actually finish a game first before moving on and creating another one.
Q: Can it be NSFW? A: NSFW content is not allowed for this jam. However blood, gore, and violence is allowed if you include a trigger warning for it.


The rating period lasts for around a week after the jam ends and is open to everyone. Your game will be judged on:

  • Visuals
  • Audio
  • Gameplay
  • Creativity
  • Technicality
  • Correlation to theme

There will also be a separate rankings for each rule, as well as an overall one.

Files will be locked during the voting period, but feel free to continue and/or finish the game to your liking after the jam ends.

Participants who tries to manipulate the voting system will be disqualified.

Looking for a team or want to hang out with us? Feel free to hop into our Discord server! Have fun with this one! :D