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Tycoon Jam


Hi.Are you tired of the same first/third person action rpg games every day,well so am I.Where are those wacky funny games that brightened our day and satisfied our greedthe managing the stress and the cheatsthe simulation innovation.
so to bring that back,lets work together and bring back the world to what it needs!!!PS.sorry for bad English



~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ must be a simulation game. can continue developing your game.but keep the jam version different.

3.criticizing is okay but no harsh language.




Q.what is a game jam?

A. A game jam is a competition of sorts where varieties of game developers submit and compete with each other.sometimes it has a theme.

Q.what does tycoon mean?

A. a tycoon mean a game where you have to either do business or create an empire/monopoly for business.for more detailed explanation wiki

Q.what is tycoon jam?

A.tycoon jam is a game competition for amazing new simulation games.

Q.why tycoon jam?

A.tycoon jam because there hasn't been many tycoon game for a long time.

Q.what is is a indie game market place which also hosts jams.


A.because it gives more opportunity for the game to rise and heal the world.

Q.why should i do this? should do this to either improve your skills or just simply revolt!!!

Q.where can i contact you?

A. you can contact me at my FB page here.

or you can email me at you can also cantact me in twitter


Q.can i post commercial games?
A.yes you can but you must email the the game to me.don't worry i will not sell or copyright can also give out a demo but then i will only judge the demo.

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