This jam is now over. It ran from 2014-07-01 05:00:00 to 2014-07-08 04:59:59. View results

Well the the very first Spectre Game Jam has ended. All contestants are able to vote for the favorite game. Results will be out soon. Thanks for particpating.


Subtheme: Immersive

Subtheme: Old

Subtheme: Machinery

Subtheme: Insane

Subtheme: Splatter

Subtheme: Mask

Attention: To make this Jam more FUN be sure to tell your friends to participate by creating a game and or voting. The more participants the better the outcome of The Spectre Game Jam.

Interested in the Jam but do not know how to make games, that's fine. You can still participate by voting. Hopefully these Jams will inspire you to learn to make games and participate in Jams to come.

Games need to be submitted for either the Windows, Linux, and or Mac platform. I use Linux (Ubuntu) so if you want your game personally reviewed by me make sure its capable to work for Linux. Otherwise ratings will be based on other peoples reviews and description of the game, so if you do not use Linux try to post videos and pictures of your game too. It is recommended to make the game in Java so it is multi-platform based. Also when making your game teams are allowed.

The Spectre Game Jam is a brand new game Jam that is going to be hosted the first seven days of each month. At the end of each Jam participants and viewers are going to be able to vote for their favourite games for next two weeks. After that the voting has ended the top 10 games will be shown on the home page. The other games will be on a side page.

At the beginning of the Jam a theme will be posted and the gaming developing can begin. Each day a new theme will be posted, these themes will be subthemes. These subthemes will not be required, but the more subthemes used then the higher the game is on the list on the voting page, so more likely it will be seen and voted.

There will be winners for each subtheme, the theme, and some other usual topics in games. For now their are no awards for winning other than feeling good, being on the home page, and did I forget to mention that the winner of the theme award gets to choose a subtheme for the next Spectre Game Jam.

DUE to this being the first Spectre Game Jam some of the rules on voting and ratings could be changed since I am not sure exactly how it works. If this Jam does good and progresses, I may get a site for this jam where the voting and rating system will be controlled by me. So if if the rating and voting is different then what is said above this is why.

Contact: Avery Reed

  • must be related to main theme (subtheme not required)
  • games must not have inappropriate content
  • all games are required to be open source for people to have
  • games must be made within the time of the jam
  • you must own or have been given the right of content within the game
  • games can be made for Windows, Linux, and/or Mac, they are not required to run on everything, though you should make it easier for people to try them out - the easier to run more likely people will try them out and vote for them
  • teams are allowed

Want to help with this Jam email me at and you can help host, manage, and/or review submissions in the Jams to come. Or even this Jam if your fast enough. The next Jam will be August 1-7, 2014 if everything goes along as planned.


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