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Join us on the first IndieVault Game Jam!!

No complicated rules, just create a team and make a game in 48 hours from the 7th to the 9th of November! It's an online game jam, so you can take part from wherever you are, and your teammates can be anywhere.

The organisers will assign a theme to each team, and you will have to build a game around that. It's not 100% mandatory to stick to the theme, but recommended. And working with constraints is actually better for your productivity!

So, to take part:

  1. Get some people together and form a team (or go alone!).
  2. Send a PM on IndieVault to Riccardo (hjeldin) with the team name and members.
  3. At 20:00pm (GMT+1) on Friday, the organisers will get in touch and give you a link with your theme.
  4. Start making a game, you have 48 hours!
  5. Post a thread about your game in this section, and tweet about your progress with the hashtag #IVJam!
  6. Before time is over, first upload the game on (you will need an account for that) here.
  7. Submit the game as a jam entry on this very page.
  8. Vote for the winners during the following week.

More about the rules in the official thread.

Thanks to community members Riccardo and Vittore for coming up with the idea, and for organising the jam!

Important: Much of what you will see on the forum is in Italian, because IV is an Italian community. But if you speak English and you feel like making some games this weekend, join the forum and open a thread in English about your game in this section!

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Zombies + Apes + Nightmares + Wolfenstein = Fire Of The Apes
Control an army of 200 men to kill a Giant. #IVJam
Indievault Jam
Build a tall building for the pharaoh's glory!
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Play in browser
Survive in a blind world
Who am I ? What am i doing here ? uh...
A fast-paced 2D shoter with random generated Bosses. A game made in 48 hours.
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Un ospedale... per i mostri?!
A metroidvania adventure in a world with mystical weapons
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