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Hello ! We are Eukarianese company who like video game. We would like to see the top gamers in website to make us a very good video games ! However, in our country very poor and computers don't go well. Highest hard drive is 100 GB :(

You will make us the video games for our people to enjoy as we don't get many games for to play the others in our holy land of Eukaria. So please don't be bad on fancy stuffs do the minimal so us can play ;)

We hope enjoy you all as we shall fun time together at last.

- Greetz from Eukaria. <3


Your submission must contain the following:

- Simplistic Windows 95-style Aesthetic. (Chip's Challenge, Minesweeper, SkiFree, etc.)

- The game must be very simple. The game must count score and end after the player has failed accomplishing their task in some way.

- Add MIDI music and highly-compressed sound effects. It makes things much better.

- Do not use any fancy effects. It must look as rough and ugly as possible.
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A Windows 95-esque maze game.