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About a year ago, I hosted a Game Jam called 8x8 Game Jam. It was an amazing event filled with fantastic games and cute sprites! That's why I'm doing it again this time around. One of the greatest things that happened as a result of this jam is a person by the name of Withering Crown got big exposure with the game Sorcerer Shootout. His youtube channel now has about 6.5k subscribers. This jam is also for him as I remembered this jam when he announced that his game, NOVIS, had it's game files destroyed. 

And this is also for Jack of Milkbar Lads who won several jams and got his game, Inferna, in GDWC Fan Favorites. You make amazing games especially with your team, continue to make awesome games!

What is 8x8 Game Jam?

8x8 Game Jam is about building a game with the restriction of having all sprites be a resolution of 8x8. There are exceptions to this in various cases.


  • All sprites and images must be 8x8, unless said otherwise in "Exceptions".
  • All games must be family-friendly, no NSFW content.
  • All entries must include the source code of your game. This is to give people a chance to build off your game and to prove you did, in fact, actually use 8x8 sprites.
  • All ratings must be fair, so please be kind when voting.


  • You may go over the 8x8 limit for tiles if each tile itself is 8x8.
  • You may go over the limit for title screens.
  • You may go over the 8x8 limit for fonts.
  • You may create larger sprites by making metasprites.


  • What are metasprites? Metasprites are multiple sprites that are stitched together using code to create one larger sprite. It can be difficult to make metasprites so we allow this as an extra challenge.
  • Do my sprites have to be exactly 8x8 or up to 8x8? This distinction can be made yourself.
  • What if I don’t want to share my source code? It is recommended to share the code of your game to allow it to be built off of, but if you have some secret code secrets you can create a zip folder containing the sprites, texture groups, or your engine's equivalent.

If you want to show off progress on your game or see other people's progress and receive updates on future jams, join the discord here!

Good luck, everyone! :)