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Welcome to the second 8 Bits to Infinity Challenge. These small weekly events challenge you to participate in jams with extra limitations, or sometimes act as self-contained jams.

8 Bits to Infinity is a game development community hosting regular game jams and weekly challenges to refine our craft. All skill levels welcome! Find out more by joining us on Discord or exploring our website.

Everyone who contributes to the challenge will be able to vote on entries to determine the Challenge Winner.

Challenge #002

Enter a game into the 8 Bits to Infinity Easy Jam with the following additional limitations:

1) Use sprites and tiles no larger than 8x8 pixels
2) Make use of an external tool (art, music, sound, tilemap editor, file editor, etc.) that you haven't used before the jam
3) Contribute at least one asset used in the game to

You can use one, two, or all three of the limitations at your discretion. Your fellow challengers will rate your entry based on (among other things) how many of the limitations you used.

Make sure you enter both this event and the Easy Jam to get credit for the challenge. You get an extra hour to submit here, so submit to Easy Jam first.


See the Easy Jam page for a full list of frequently asked questions and answers.

Where can I ask more questions?  Ask in the community for this jam (see link at the top of the page) or on Discord.

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Ba and friends are stuck in a Dungeon where he cant stop digging, only way to escape is to get the Gem Stones.
Hunt for fossils in a tranquil valley.
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Simple physics based game using smartphone's accelerometer or mouse.
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Take the role of a jailor and try to keep alive humanity's worst individuals.
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