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Welcome to the first 8 Bits to Infinity Challenge. These small weekly events challenge you to create a game or asset(s) over a weekend. These are designed for solo work, but you may form a team if you wish.

8 Bits to Infinity is a game development community hosting regular game jams and weekly challenges to refine our craft. All skill levels welcome! Find out more by joining us on Discord or exploring our website.

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Everyone who contributes to the challenge will be able to vote on entries to determine the Challenge Winner.

Challenge #001

Create a game that can be completed in under five minutes. Use only free assets without modification (such as provided through and spend no more than four hours on development. These four hours can be consecutive or spread throughout the weekend as needed. You'll be asked on submission to give a rough idea of how you used the hours.

Make sure you credit all assets as per their licenses!


How many people can I have on a team?
Challenges are generally intended for a solo effort, but there is no hard limit on team size.

What tools/engines can/should I use?
Use anything you like, although we recommend familiar tools for a strong result. It's better to spend time creating rather than learning new software. We also recommend using a proper game engine to save time - something like Unity, Godot, Construct, Game Maker, etc.

Not sure what to use? Check out this in-progress list of free tools for game development.

What counts as a free asset?
Anything released under a Creative Commons license or a similar license that allows free use is allowed. This includes non-commercial licenses, assuming you aren't planning to commercialize (sell) your game.

Can I also make my own assets? Can I modify the assets if the license allows?
No, you must use only free assets in the state they are distributed.

Can I use my own assets if I make them available for free?
That's technically allowed, but a) this counts toward your four-hour development limit and (b) it's not really in the spirit of the challenge.

I don't know how to program. Can I still make games?
Absolutely! Many systems require very little programming, such as Construct or Game Maker. The best way to learn is to get your feet wet, and a game jam is a wonderful no-risk way to try out new tech.

Should I build a Windows/Mac/Linux/web/[insert system here] version?
Yes! Build for as many systems as you can so more people can play your game. We recommend finding someone with the target system to test your build long before the jam ends so you can be sure it works.

I didn't finish my game. Should I still submit?
Yes! A finished game takes years. You can still win the challenge with a cool idea, even if the implementation is broken.

How can I get more people to play my entry?
Play games from the challenge and other games on, then leave quality feedback. Ask the dev politely to play your game, so they know you're looking for feedback. There's also a new feature on that shows your entry when you comment on the game's jam page so be sure to do so there.

Can I make a multiplayer game?

Can I make a 2D/2.5D/3D game?
Yep! There are no graphical limitations to this challenge.

Can I enter jams with my challenge game?
Absolutely, as long as you follow all rules and time limitations for each jam. Note that we lock submissions, so you won't be able to upload new builds after you submit to this challenge.

Where can I ask more questions?
Ask in the community for this jam (see link at the top of the page) or on Discord.

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Created with free to use assets for the 1st 8BitsToInfinity Challenge!
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A quick rhythm game made in 4 hours
Dig for gems and glory!
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Build a pen to keep Penny safe!
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Go through the maze to find the chest.
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