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Have you ever felt like your life is lacking in challenge? Excitement? Mind-bending algorithms that just refuse to work an hour before submission even though they worked all week until now?

Then this jam may be for you!

For the once-in-a-lifetime price of one (1) week of your precious time, you can join fellow-minded lost souls on a journey through the minefield of low-level 3D software development.


Create a 3D Project of your choice within 7 Days, using your tool of choice. 

Low level projects and learning are the goal of this jam. Challenge yourself! If you usually work in Unity, try your hand at creating your own simple engine in C# using MonoGame! 

If that is closer to what you do on a daily basis, why not try writing a software renderer for your preferred platform?

The idea here is to have fun and learn along the way, so don't settle for what you're already comfortable with!


  • Create a project within seven days from scratch. The project can be anything (A game, a tech-demo, a work of art, screensaver, etc) so long as it involves some form of 3D rendering at its core.
  • Only new projects allowed! No entering something you've worked on before, fresh ideas only!
  • Pre-existing code, personal libraries, frameworks, etc. are allowed. (E.G: If you wrote a rendering framework for your language of choice, you may use it. If you have a project you've been working on outside of the jam, don't enter that as a submission - keep it fresh).
  • Any tools, frameworks, engines and platforms are allowed. Go as low as you can for street cred and bragging rights!
  • Teams are allowed and encouraged!
  • All assets (Artwork, music, sound effects, etc) must be created during the course of the jam.


  • If you are using Unity or Unreal Engine 4, be aware of package size. doesn't allow large uploads by default, and you would have to contact them for an exception (Or you can use their Butler tool which allows for large uploads). But also realize that most of the other contestants won't have the time to download anything over 500mb!





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You play as Kelfin trying to avoid a bunch of deadly glowing red Quadraloids.
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