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Well,Voting's over and the winner is sposhal with Jammmy Arena Wars,congratulations!Please tell me your email so I can send you your prizes!

Well,the jam's over and voting is open!I definitely think there should be a GOATJAM#2(GOATJAM 2016),so there will be one!YAY!!!

Hey everyone and welcome to the very first GOATJAM!The GOATJAM is where you have 72 hours to create a game that's either a Mac only game that contains goats,a PC only game that contains jam or a Linux only game that contains something to represent the year 2015.Also,to have a chance of winning prizes,follow this theme:



1st Place:A free game from Googleygames and a bag filled with prizes!

2nd Place:A bag full of prizes

All entries will get a good review from The Googler at the end of February 2015!

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