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GENERAL INFORMATION This event is organized by Arctic Game Lab in collaboration with Oulu Game Lab and Tromsø Game Lab.  The event will run simultaneously in five Swedish cities at the same time (Boden, Luleå, Piteå, Skellefteå and Umeå) as well as in Tromsø in Norway and Oulu in Finland.

Are you are an idea person, illustrator, programmer, 3D-artist, sound designer, musician or just have a general interest in creating stuff? We would love for you to come!   During the event you will participate in a team that creates a game (analog or digital doesnt matter) that hopefully is playable when the event is over. 

The purpose of the event is to have fun and get to know other game developers. Computers and other equipment must be brought. 


Boden - Boden Business Park (Teknikvägen 3).
Luleå - Luleå Makerspace (Sandviksgatan 20)
Piteå - Piteå Science Park (Snickargatan 22). 
Skellefteå - Stock (Bockholmsvägen 12)
Umeå - Uminova Innovation, Tvistevägen 47A.
Tromsö - 27-29 Parkgata, 9008 Tromsø.
Oulu - Oulu Game Lab (Rantakatu 3).

Varies depending on location.


Friday 2018-11-16
. Intro. Theme is revealed. Team creation.

Saturday 2018-11-17
09:00 Venues open. Presentations of teams and projects between sites during the day. 

Sunday 2018-11-18
15:00 Reminder of delivery
16:00 Deadline for delivery of games
16:00 Elevator pitch of the games (2 min per team).
17:00 Game time (we download all games to computers on site and play them!).

COMMUNICATION Discord will be used for participants. Click here to join the Arctic Game Lab discord channel 

UPLOAD YOUR GAME Participants will upload their game to the game jam page at  All participants need to have a registered user to take credit for the game.

ARCTIC GAME LAB For more information about Arctic Game Lab, future events and such see  and please follow us on facebook

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Only the fastest gun in the West wins!
Control your light particle with gravity wells
The ultimate battle dating app for every Hero and Monster! Beat the odds and find the Light of your Life.
NFS of Light is a last man standing, multiplayer racing game played via each individual´s mobile phone as a controller.
Gather light to avoid the nightmarish darkness!
Play as the Pixadude and hit the lightbulbs!
Lure ships into being eaten by the Great One
Play in browser
You're in desperate need of beer and the shop closes in one minute, hurry!
Plato's analysis of knowledge!
Play in browser
Be a priest and battle demons!
Hybrid digital card game
Card Game
Trancending light, a balloon going above and beyond because he is so light.