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Muahahaha!  Happy Halloween, dear reader!  I—

What?  It's January?  Haha, nice try, but time hasn't been real since March of 2020, which I believe was three weeks ago.

But if we're all under the collective delusion that it is somehow January 2022, then that means AGDQ is happening!  Which means you're at serious risk of spending 168 solid hours watching a Twitch stream and doing literally nothing else.  If you fear losing a week to the speedrun vortex, do I have a deal for you!  And it's this game jam!

The Deal

Make a game during AGDQ!  Or make a level, or a mod, or alternate music!  Just, y'know, make something.

The jam runs from the moment AGDQ starts until 24 hours after it ends, according to the final state of the GDQ schedule.  (It gets updated over the course of the week, and always ends up running late by a few hours.)

There are no rules!  There is no judging!  There are no prizes!  But play your fellow jamgoers' games anyway, it's only polite!


Q: Can I—
A: Yes!

Q: What if I want to make, like, a board game??
A: Do whatever you want!  I literally cannot stop you!

Q: What if I made a game like three months ago and submit it to this jam for the exposure?
A: That's quite annoying and I will stop you!  Also like 20 people enter this jam each time and they tend towards the internet-savvy so you are probably barking up the wrong tree there.

Q: Is your birthday a theme again?
A: Oh, thank you so much for remembering!  Yes, my birthday is Jan 12, and my favorite birthday gift is mystery games that someone made under preposterous time constraints while watching internet television.

Q: But I don't know how to make games!
A: Ha, ha!  That's okay!  No one else does, either!

How to make a game, or even not a game

If you've never made a game, have you considered: making a game?  Like maybe with one of these fairly simple tools?

  • Ren'Py, for visual novels!
  • Twine, for choosing your own adventure!
  • PuzzleScript, for tile-based puzzle games!
  • MegaZeux, for adventure games with that classic DOS aesthetic!  Now runs on the web, too, or so I'm told!
  • Bitsy, for microscopic journeys!
  • GBStudio, which can make games for the Game Boy!  Holy crap!

What?  Making a game is still too intimidating?  Then how about making a level for an existing game?

Or, you know, whatever!

If you need some other suggestions for things to try, you'll just have to ask around in the Discord!


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You need to feed your pet quickly in 60 second before the authorities arrives!!
A goofy Doom 2 mod about growing weed
Texts between frenemies
Visual Novel
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Alonging, parsinomady, and orthogony are discussed in this long-lost narrative design talk from 1999
Conway's Game of Life in Pico-8, at 180 iterations / second!
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You must save the prince!
Small puzzle game where you control a dot that's linked to another dot and solve puzzles with them
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The small house suffers from the invasion of monsters. Protect him !!!
Puzzle platformer for Sortix
Delve into the depths
Short platformer featuring crowd favorite yokai blocks..
a hawk flies peacefully over summer mountains
Loosely based story on the best christmas film ever... Die Hard.
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Entry for the 6AMES MADE QUICK??? jam. Click the buttons to get a good score!
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This game was made in like 3 days during Games Made Quick Jam
Card Game
Two Player Split-Screen Survival Game
Knockback game
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#Horror #Baldi #Unity
DSCS - Don't Stop, Can't Stop. Time stops when you move.
im a kid