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We're hosting the annual 6 Hour Jam before Halloween and you're invited! Come create a spooky experience in just 6 hours!

Never made a game before? No problem, this event is about getting your creativity flowing, meeting local artists and developers, and making a concept for a game. Some people will have time to make a working prototype, others just concept art, slides, a storyboard, or choose-your-own-adventure style story.
- Artists, Musicians, Storytellers, and Programmers all welcome! -

Anything goes as long as you are creating!

12pm - 1pm - Meet people and form small teams
1pm - 8pm - Work on spooky game concepts
8pm - 9pm - Present what you created to the group

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It's time to take down the head wizard of the neighborhood
Roll dice in VR to tell your fortune
seasonal colors made in p5.js
Run in browser
Find the Hidden Book beyond the veil to escape your fate. A short RPG Maker game made in 4 hours.
Help Pumpkin get his towel back!
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