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  1. An authentic 2019 software and completely functional game. It is not a simple modification of a previous game.
  2. 50% or more of new code in assembly language (that code than you or your team type and is useful and executable).
  3. All family game. I recommend a remake of an arcade game, but theme is free.
  4. Except for the general rules, there are no restrictions in organization. Many games are permitted by person, team or distribution. It is licit a console or text mode game, but it must not be excessively simple.
  5. You can use some resources (audio, images, video...) of other authors and years.
  6. Size and quality of previous base and general use code is free. There are not restrictions about compiler, frameworks, menus, engines and others. You can use your own previous code, but it must be general use code in your own games.
  7. You could "copy and paste" some portion of your own repetitive and previous software (other than general use, assembly language or not) in a reasonable and good intention way, but it counts in the extra 50%.
  8. Voters could see your new and pertinent 2019 code if they solicitude by email or any other method of your choice. It is not mandatory than voters can compile the code themselves. Your previous base and general use code could be private if you want.
  9. Take a vote on three criteria: a) use of assembly language, b) merit and c) general appreciation of the game.
  10. I recommend you like assembly language, but it is not necessary... you could feel some uncomfortable some times...

Jesus and Marie bless you...


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Competition between bumpcars to complete tracks on time limit.
A one-button game of jump timing for the Commodore 64
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