Submissions open from 2022-02-28 18:00:00 to 2027-02-28 18:00:00
Submissions due in

Inspired by 1st Year-long game jam 2021.

Have you ever wished to make an entire indie-title that you can release on Steam during just one game jam? Wish no more! You can have 5 whole years to make it.

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You don't have to spend all 5 years on the game, and you can join at any time.

What is considered as "A game" in this jam?

Anything that is interactive considered a game, even stuff like PowerPoint presentations, visual novels or Discord bots,  just find some way to upload them to, you might want to look into links.

It's all for fun!


You can use any engine or platform you wish - From Scratch to Roblox to Unity to a self-made game engine. You can also make mods for games, these are allowed too!


  • You must not start the development before the start of the jam
  • Your game must be playable by the end of the jam
  • If your game contains NSFW content you have to warn the player either on the game's page or in the game itself 
  • Use assets you have the rights to use, and make sure to credit them right , or just make your own assets(You don't want your game to be taken down, don't you?)
  • You can have more than 1 submission
  • You can submit submissions from this jam to another jams, as long as it follows that jam's rules

More in-depth rules can be found here.


  • Work a few hours a day
  • First make a prototype, and expand on it
  • Set your priority for the gameplay
  • Interpret your theme however you want
  • Polish your game until you think it's finished
  • Showcase your game to other people to get feedback

Additional Themes

You can ignore these themes, or freely use and combine them

  • Meta
  • Progression 
  • Dream 
  • Reverse
  • Color
  • Background
  • With a twist 
  • Simulation

Additional Challenges/Ideas

You can ignore these challenges/Ideas, or use them and combine them to challenge yourself

  • Make a game that you will maintain through and after the jam 
  • Make your dream game (A game that combines all your favourite gameplay aspects)
  • Make several games
  • Make a sequel to one of your previous games/game that you already made for this jam
  • Make a game series
  • Remake your old/oldest game
  • Start making a game that is out of your skill level
  • Make an infinite game
  • Make a tool for other jammers to use
  • Make a game completely opposite to your last game

Legal and Contact

Ownership to games you make for this jam are yours/your team's. But the host of the jam (from now on "me" or "I") may showcase your game/use it as promotional material without contacting you. This jam is not commercial in any way shape or form, and I do not make money

If you wish to contact me, you can either send a direct message to @x8c8r on Twitter,  x8c8r#2454 on Discord, or send an email to .