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4MB Game Jam 2023

Prize Pool : $150

THEME: Quantum Jump


1st place - Shybyte (The Tunnel Effect)
2nd place - Herald and SheatNoisette (Quantum Dorifto)
3rd place - Grim (Quantum Clippy) and Smartest Blob (Infinite Growth)
Community Award - Shybyte (The Tunnel Effect)


4MB Game Jam 2023 is the second edition of the 4MB Jam. It is a one month long game jam about creating a game that fits within four megabytes. This limitation challenges developers to come up with clever ways to store their program in the smallest way possible.

If you have any questions or want to chat with the rest of the community, you can join our discord (link at the bottom).

There will be a theme this time, so don't start working on it until the jam begins, you have a full month to finish it so time shouldn't be an issue.


Due to really bad entries last time, we have revamped the rules and made them a bit more strict and detailed. For the full details, you can find them in this gist page. But here's a basic summary:

Your submission... under 4 MB. either a Windows or Ubuntu desktop application.
...doesn't violate Canadian federal law. SFW. a video game. made within the allotted time.
...isn't a mod/hack.
...isn't an online multiplayer only game.
...doesn't stream nor download content from the internet.
...can be downloaded free for the duration of the judging period.
...isn't a web game.

Dependencies which aren't shipped by default on either Ubuntu or Windows count towards the size of your game.


This time around, games will be ranked by judge using a custom ranking system instead of public voting to avoid the fiasco of last time.

The judging period will be during the first half of June. Perhaps the whole month if there are many more submissions than anticipated.


It's no trophy, but I'm currently working on something to get some sort of golden foil certificates of achievement for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place and community's choice awards. I'm still experimenting with the material at the moment, but winners should have something tangible to immortalize their winning. Here's a photo of the latest test:

Photo link
Photo Link 2

The winner of 1st place will also get what's in the prize pool. But if we get more than anticipated, the other winners could see some of that awarded to them as well.

If people are interested in contributing prizes for this jam, please contact Doigt on discord.

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Here's the discord:


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A 3D Linux Game in 21KB - Roll and (quantum) jump inside of a 3D tunnel. Avoid holes. Trippy GFX, Music and Speech.
Prototype of a scifi combination of Factorio and Capitalism
Drifting shooter with teleportation
Escape the ancient horror!
Jump between dimensions to solve puzzles and parkour to the finish
Adventure game where you need to find your lost items
Pinball - without the usual mechanics, but with quantum jumps(!). It’ll be fun, trust me. (you don’t, do you?!)
Small game with 12 different rounds, sound effects and random music