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This 48-hour game jam is all about time sinks.

What is a time sink? A time sink is a game that you can throw hundreds of hours at casually.

Time sink games are usually focused around a core mechanic that stays constant throughout the game, think cookie clicker, the core mechanic is clicking, but the game developer added onto that and created upgrades, special waves, combo meters, etc.

Time sink games are mostly casual, a good example is 2048, a seemingly simplistic game that you can pick up at any time and continue playing.

Need help finding a team? Follow this link to the CrowdForge page:


Theme will be announced 24 hours before the game jam begins here: __You only get one___


  • The game must run on a normal monitor (No VR).
  • Use any game engine you like, including general-purpose code you wrote before the game jam.
  • Credit all assets that you didn't make, such as art, music, sounds, code templates.
    • Even if the assets say "No credit required" we still require it, because crediting other peoples work is always a good thing
  • The theme will be announced one day before the game jam begins on this page, this is so you can plan out your game and start thinking on how you will designing the game.
  • Game must somehow connect to the theme of the game jam.
  • Solo work is accepted, but teams are highly suggested.


  • Easily defined "parts" of the game, levels, bosses, checkpoints, days. etc.
  • Fun game-play and mechanics, something to captivate the player and generate interest.
  • A core stylistic choice that matches the theme of the game jam.
  • A game that can be completed within a reasonable time frame.
    • i.e. a few hours at most.

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You only have one chance to reach the finish line! Are you ready for the challenge?
Survive waves of enemy ships, and meteors, by shooting at them from your static location.
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